Providing safe access to basic education and protection services for crisis affected populations in Fangak County, Jonglei State, South Sudan

The conflict that broke out in South Sudan in 2013 negatively affected the lives of the people of Fangak County and the neighbouring counties and states. Education activities were interrupted, protection threats and cases increased and livelihood activities were disrupted. This action seeks to contribute towards building the resilience of these conflict affected populations to deal with such shocks.

  • To achieve improved access to education, FCA/SALF will support 108 teachers with training, mentorship and material support, 4,500 pupils with learning materials and temporary learning spaces, 10 County Education Officials with logistical and material support, 240 Parent Teacher Associations/School Management Committees (PTA/SMC) members with training and material support. 5,500 individuals will also be reached through awareness raising campaigns on protection and education issues. To enhance protection and access to protective services for children, the action will support 30 child friendly space facilitators. 270 Child friendly Space Facilitators as well & PTAs/SMCs will receive training on basic PSS and referencing of child protection cases. 50 children will receive psychosocial support and access to services through a referral pathway.
  • To ensure improved food security for the target group, 325 vulnerable households of school going children will be supported with livelihood inputs and training to discourage them from engaging in harmful coping strategies and at the same time encourage them to keep their children in school.

The project’s duration is 1 January 2018 –  30 June 2019. It is funded by EU/ECHO (European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations). Total project budget is 700,000 €, of which ECHO funding is 85,7% and FCA co-funding 14,3%.