The Finn Church Aid Foundation is governed by an eleven-member Board of Directors appointed by the foreign affairs committee of the church. The Board is supported by a four-member working subcommittee. The Board convened five times in 2015. In addition, the working subcommittee held six email meetings and convened once with the audit committee.

Board of Directors in 2015

Chair:Tarja Kantola, International Adviser
Vice-Chair:Tapio Luoma, Bishop

Sixten Ekstrand, Director
Pekka Haavisto, Member of Parliament
Katri Korolainen, Head Secretary
Kimmo Kääriäinen, Ecclesiastical Counsellor
Tapio Luoma, Bishop
Reetta Meriläinen, Journalist
Ritva Ohmeroluoma, MBA
Olli-Pekka Silfverhuth, Vicar
Helena Tuominen, Diocesan Secretary
Kent Wilska, Commercial Counsellor

Deputy Members
Tuomas Aho, Attorney
Ilkka Mattila, Director
Milla Perukangas, Master of Social Sciences
Secretary: Jouni Hemberg, Executive Director

Working Subcommittee
The subcommittee was chaired by Tarja Kantola
(deputy Tapio Luoma)

Members of the Subcommittee
Helena Tuominen (deputy Sixten Ekstrand)
Kent Wilska (deputy Tuomas Aho)
Tapio Luoma (no deputy assigned)
The secretary of the subcommittee was Jouni Hemberg

Expert members invited by the Board
Heikki Huttunen, General Secretary, Finnish Ecumenical Council
Risto Jukko, Director, Office for Global Mission, Evangelical Lutheran
Church of Finland
Kalle Kuusimäki, Director of Diaconia, Evangelical Lutheran
Church of Finland
Riina Nguyen, Executive Director, International Diaconia and Mission
of the Orthodox Church

Members of the Board of Directors’ audit committee in 2015
Ritva Ohmeroluoma (chair), Tuomas Aho and Katri Korolainen.
Antti Pentikäinen worked as the Executive Director of Finn
Church Aid until 30 April 2015, when he began a three-year leave,
during which he will work as the as Head of Secretariat of the
Network for Religious and Traditional Peacemakers led by FCA.
Since 1 May 2015, Jouni Hemberg has worked as interim Executive

Executive Director Jouni Hemberg represented Finn Church Aid
in the following cooperation organisations: Departmen for Foreign
Affairs, Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland; Committee for
Global Mission, Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland; Red Nose
Foundation; Orthodox Church Aid and Mission Filantropia; Common
Responsibility Campaign; National Commission on Sustainable
Development; National Board for the Prevention of Violent
Radicalisation and Extremism.