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Finn Church Aid – Action for Human Dignity

Finn Church Aid (FCA) is the largest Finnish NGO in international aid. We operate in 14 countries, where the needs are most dire. We work with the poorest people, regardless of their religious beliefs, ethnic background or political convictions.

Our work is based on rights, which means that our operations are guided by equality, non-discrimination and responsibility.

Aiming for permanent change

Permanent change in developing countries can only be achieved through persistent cooperation with local communities and people. Finn Church Aid is committed to working until the people in need can independently secure their livelihood and satisfy their basic needs.

For human rights, against poverty

The reduction of poverty requires achieving peace and the realisation of human rights. Through our projects, we work to ensure both. We encourage decision-makers and all Finns to address structures that induce poverty, violence and human rights violations.

Africa and Asia as the main targets

In 2018, FCA provided aid for 35.1 million euros in value. The majority of our funds come from private donors, international institutional donors, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, and parishes. 87 percent of the donated funds are directed to aid work. The share of domestic operations and general administration is about 13 percent.

Most of our assistance goes to Africa. The need for assistance on the continent has been caused and maintained by political instability, prolonged crises and natural disasters. The second most significant target for aid funds is Asia, which has the largest number of people living in poverty.

International cooperation

FCA is a partner organisation of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and a founding member of the international aid alliance of churches, ACT Alliance. The alliance forms one of the largest aid organisations in the world. Its total volume is €1.5 billion each year, and it has operations in 140 countries. Over 100 aid organisations are involved in ACT Alliance.


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