Map of Nepal and neighboring countries.

Nepal is one of the poorest countries in Asia. About a quarter of the population lives below the poverty line. The vast majority of people earn their livelihood through agriculture. Many people from the Nepalese countryside move abroad for work, especially to India. This has resulted in a host of problems, including human trafficking.

Finn Church Aid’s (FCA)  efforts in Nepal focus on strengthening the rights of poor and socially excluded women and children, improving their opportunities for earning a livelihood, and ensuring the realization of human rights. The work also includes improving preparedness for natural disasters. The development programme is implemented in cooperation with local NGOs and organised village communities.

Nepalin lippu.

Population: 29.7 million
Capital: Kathmandu
Currency: Rupee
Languages: Nepali (official), more than 120 listed mother languages
Religions: Hindu 81.3 %, Buddhist 9 %, Muslim 4.4 %, Kirant 3.1 %, Christian 1.4 %, other
FCA in Nepal: since 2013

Our results in 2020

Graafinen kuva käsistä


people received a one-month supply of food and soap to alleviate the food shortage and health crisis caused by Covid-19.

Graafinen kuva säästöpossusta


people received assistance for starting up a business or keeping an existing business running.

Graafinen kuva rauhan kyyhkystä


events hosted with the objective of improving the rights of women and minorities.