Humanitarian Assistance


In emergencies caused by natural disasters or war, we work to secure sufficient nutrition, basic necessities, sanitation, clean water and accommodation for the most vulnerable people in the worst-affected areas. We also ensure that children can return to school as soon as possible.  

We assist all victims of major disasters, regardless of their nationality, religion or ethnic background, and the urgency of needs is the only factor we consider when prioritising relief efforts. 

Humanitarian aid to alleviate acute crisis

The most vulnerable people include small children, expectant mothers, persons with disabilities, senior citizens, and people suffering from various illnesses. Individuals and families who have endured difficult ordeals often need crisis support, especially when they have been forced into exile as refugees.  

We involve the recipients of assistance and surrounding communities in the affected areas in planning, implementation and evaluation, and prioritise local resources to support our operations. 

Disaster relief alleviates urgent emergencies but we also advocate for long-term funding for the prevention of natural disasters and human conflicts and for risk mitigation. We have many years of experience in working with disaster risk reduction across the world. When possible, our humanitarian work transitions from disaster relief to supporting reconstruction and the long-term development of communities. 

Cooperation ensuring aid

Our humanitarian work is funded and supported by international partners, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs Finland, our own disaster fund and ACT Alliance, whose member organisations are close partners in implementation. 

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