Finn Church Aid Humanitarian Roster

After an earthquake or other sudden disaster, the most rapid assistance is given by local emergency teams, saving lives and diminishing destruction. This is why Finn Church Aid (FCA) aims in all programmes to improve local disaster preparedness and capacity, and to minimise risks in advance.

Sometimes the scale of a disaster exceeds local capacities, however, and international professionals are needed to work alongside local aid workers both in the instant aftermath as well as in the recovery and reconstruction phases. In order to react to acute situations, FCA has established a Roster of professionals available for missions in crisis areas even at a very short notice.

The members of the Humanitarian Roster

The Roster members are experts of humanitarian aid or professionals of various fields such as education, livelihood, construction and logistics. They are qualified to do needs assessments in disaster areas as well as plan, coordinate and supervise implementation of relief operations. They provide professional support to FCA and local actors in, for example, school (re)construction in disaster settings and in restarting and developing educational activities. The roster members come from all over the world, their age generally varying between 25 and 70 years.

Applying to the Finn Church Aid Humanitarian Roster

To become a Finn Church Aid Roster member, candidates must successfully pass the four-day Basic Training Course. The course is held in English, the focus being on core humanitarian principles and standards as well as FCA’s strategic themes and operational principles. The Basic Training Course is usually organised annually.

For more information please contact the Roster Coordinator, Anu Riikonen, tel. +358 50 5297918, email: roster(at)