Finn Church Aid Humanitarian Roster


After an earthquake or other sudden disaster, the most rapid assistance is given by local emergency teams, saving lives and diminishing destruction. This is why Finn Church Aid (FCA) aims in all programmes to improve local disaster preparedness and capacity, and to minimise risks in advance.

Sometimes the scale of a disaster exceeds local capacities, however, and international professionals are needed to work alongside local aid workers both in the instant aftermath as well as in the recovery and reconstruction phases. In order to react to acute situations, FCA has established a Roster of professionals available for missions in crisis areas even at a very short notice.

The members of the Humanitarian Roster

The Roster members are experts of humanitarian aid or professionals of various fields such as education, livelihood, construction and logistics. They are qualified to do needs assessments in disaster areas as well as plan, coordinate and supervise implementation of relief operations. They provide professional support to FCA and local actors in, for example, school (re)construction in disaster settings and in restarting and developing educational activities. The roster members come from all over the world, their age generally varying between 25 and 70 years.

Applying to the Finn Church Aid Humanitarian Roster

The goal of FCA’s humanitarian work is to provide efficient, effective and coordinated support to crisis-affected and vulnerable people, of all genders, with a special focus on children and youth. FCA provides emergency assistance in humanitarian crises, also in protracted humanitarian crises, especially in refugee and IDP settings.

FCA Humanitarian Roster is a database of pre-selected internal and external candidates who have the appropriate skills and relevant experience to support FCA and its partners in emergency preparedness, response and recovery. The purpose of Humanitarian Roster is to identify and deploy members quickly when emergency occurs and when FCA country program is in need of additional short-term support. FCA Roster members are expected to deploy within 72 hours or once entry visa is received.

Please kindly fill the information with as much detail as possible, as the application form will be the primary document referred to in the selection process.

After registering and submitting the application to FCA, you will get your personal user name and password to your email from Kirkon Ulkomaanapu (Finn Church Aid) rekry(at) enabling you to complement and update information.

The applications will be shortlisted, considering the present and foreseen professional needs in FCA’s humanitarian operations. A number of applicants will be invited to interviews either face to face, by Skype or by phone. Please note that application must be written in English. Remember to attach your CV and a recent photo.

We are welcoming applications from all areas of international community, especially from the regions and countries where FCA works. A range of pre-employment checks will be performed in conformity of FCA’s Code of Conduct and Child Safeguarding policies.

Based on the shortlist and interviews, suitable and motivated candidates will be selected to the Humanitarian Roster.

Applications of accepted members will be saved as part of the Roster Register, while those not selected will be removed from the database after the selection process.

For more information please contact the Head of Humanitarian Response, Jan De Waegemaeker tel. +358 50 5740481, email: