Betty is a refugee from South Sudan. Thanks to FCA's donors she can now go to school again. Donate and help refugees like Betty.

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Donate and help poor families in developing countries

When donating to poor families in developing countries you help cutting the cycle of poverty and give families hope for the future.

How does your donation change lives?

  • with 20 euros four children get a school uniform
  • with 30 euros a family gets seeds and tools to provide for themselves
  • with 55 euros a woman gets professional training
  • with 100 euros school fees are covered for 15 children for a whole year

Donate to disaster relief fund and help victims of catastrophes and war

By making a donation to disaster relief fund, you make sure we can help victims of wars and natural catastrophes rapidly and effectively.

FCA helps victims of catastrophes by giving them immediate life-saving essentials such as water, food, blankets, medicines and shelters.

How does your donation help those in immediate need?

  • with 20 euros 200 people get clean water for a week
  • with 150 euros 1000 children get a meal

Even small donations can make a big impact!

Donation by bank transfer

IBAN: FI33 1572 3000 5005 04

Danske Bank:
IBAN: FI02 8000 1800 2233 40