Board of Directors

Finn Church Aid  is governed by a 14-member Board of Directors, with the support of a Work Committee and an Audit Committee.

Board of Directors 2017–2020:

Tarja Kantola, International Adviser, Chair
Tapio Luoma, Bishop, Vice-Chair


Tuomas Aho, Attorney
Sixten Ekstrand
, Head Secretary
Pekka Haavisto, Member of Parliament
Anna-Kaisa Ikonen, Professor of Practise, the University of Tampere
Marjaana Jauhola, Docent in Development Studies, Academy of Finland Research Fellow
Juhani Lavanko, Vicar
Tapio Luoma, Bishop
Reetta Meriläinen, Editor
Ritva Ohmeroluoma, Master of Economics
Aila Paloniemi, Member of Parliament
Riikka Hietanen, Pastor
Mark Saba, Reverend, International Ministry & Mission
Olli-Pekka Silfverhuth, Vicar

Jouni Hemberg, Executive Director

Work Committee

Tarja Kantola, Chair of the Board
Tapio Luoma
Marjaana Jauhola
The secretary of the committee is Jouni Hemberg.

Expert members invited by the Board

Mari-Anna Auvinen, General Secretary, Finnish Ecumenical Council
Risto Jukko, Director, Office for Global Mission, Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland
Kalle Kuusimäki, Director of Diaconia, Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland
Riina Nguyen, Executive Director, Filantropia

The members of the Board of Directors’ audit committee:

Ritva Ohmeroluoma (chair)
Tuomas Aho
Olli-Pekka Silfverhuth