• Eritrea – a school of diplomacy for Ikali Karvinen

    Ikali Karvinen.

    Ikali Karvinen leads the activities of Finn Church Aid in Eritrea as Education Specialist. Classes are big, education materials are scarce, and teaching is not held in high esteem in Eritrea. Despite numerous challenges, Eritrean teachers are still interested in developing teaching methods, says Ikali Karvinen. Karvinen has been leading FCA teacher-training projects in Eritrea […]

  • Central African Republic recovering step by step, with children returning to school

    Safe schools and competent teachers are key in determining the future of the Central African Republic. The work of Finn Church Aid has encouraged local children and young people to return to school. Squeals can be heard from a distance at the yard of Sangha school. It is recess, and the air is thick with […]

  • Myanmar refugees lacking shelter, food and schools – organisations in a hurry to mend the situation before cyclone season

    Organisations are trying to provide refugees from Myanmar with dignified circumstances at refugee camps filled to the brim in Bangladesh. Almost half a million children are in need of education. ”It is unbelievable how densely people have settled in the Kutupalong camp,” says Finn Church Aid education cluster coordinator Kaisa-Leena Juvonen. Juvonen worked at Cox’s […]

  • Courageous resolutions enabled Finn Church Aid to assist in the world’s most vulnerable areas

    Ten years ago, Finn Church Aid made a turnaround that allowed us to help more people than before. In honour of our 70th anniversary, we look back on key decisions. Finn Church Aid (FCA) is the biggest development cooperation organisation and the second biggest provider of humanitarian assistance in Finland. Over the past ten years, […]

  • A fence saved this Palestinian region’s bread basket – the income secures higher education for ”iron lady’s” children

    Ibtisam Musa, 48, lives in Deir Ballout, a village of about 5,000 people. Photo: Tatu Blomqvist

    In the Palestinian regions, farming is one of the main sources of income for women, and a gateway to education for young people. Before Finn Church Aid’s (FCA) project, the people of Deir Ballout were on the brink of despair. Cucumbers, okra, tomatoes, pumpkins, onions and plenty of grains. The fields spread out a long […]

  • Finn Church Aid helps refugees study in Greece – ”Studying gives faith in the future”

    Natassa Tseliou teaches refugee children the basics of Greek.

    Because of war and having to flee their home, many refugee children have spent years without education. For many of them, learning centres aided by Finn Church Aid are the only chance to get to study in Greece. Once in the corridor, children’s voices can be heard. It is impossible to make out the language, […]

  • Coding workshops: building robots, self-esteem and new friendships

    Teacher George Kalewis slams his hands on the table, and a little orange robot car nudges forward. We are in Athens, and a group of young people has just coded the robot’s sensors to react to sounds. “Good work! Next, we’re going to code the robot car to detect a black line and to follow […]

  • Seven years in Haiti – 22 000 children got earthquake-resistant safe learning spaces

    St Matthew's school was the first permenent school that FCA reconstructed in HAiti after the earthquake

    Seven years ago an earthquake destroyed homes and schools in Haiti. It was the starting point of Finn Church Aid’s largest humanitarian operation up to then; an operation that allowed thousands of children to return to school and continue their education. What will be the legacy of that work? A devastating earthquake hit Haiti in […]

  • Football breaks down walls in society

    Football facilitates integration into society better than any other process. No matter how differently society treats individuals; players on a football pitch are all equal. The atmosphere in the reception centre at the Olympic Stadium in Munich was dejected and tense as a record number of over one million asylum seekers arrived in Germany in […]

  • Breaking the cycles of revenge one by one

    FCA peace worker John Bongei underlines that peace is brought about by the will of the locals. “I can bring food to the peace meetings, so people have something to eat. But I don’t carry peace in my back pocket that I could simply hand out.”

    John Bongei is building peace on the savannahs of northwest Kenya. It’s a work that requires time and trust. We saved human lives in this forest, says 45-year-old John Bongei and points to the left, where a vast savannah spreads out as far as the eye can see. No signs of human settlement can be […]