• The man at the heart of the largest refugee crisis in Africa

    The Ugandan Refugee Commissioner David Apollo Kazungu visited Finn Church Aid in Helsinki, Finland, in April.

    In Uganda, refugees are immediately granted the right to education and work, says Ugandan Refugee Commissioner David Apollo Kazungu. He is coordinating Uganda’s response to Africa’s largest refugee crisis. In 2016, more refugees crossed the border to Uganda than crossed the Mediterranean Sea to Europe. Their numbers totalled in over one million. Most came from […]

  • War-torn South Sudan hit by another calamity – famine also looms in urban communities

    People are dying from hunger in South Sudan as more than half of its population suffers from an urgent lack of food. The conflict has forced farmers to abandon their fields, and the cost of basic food commodities increase daily.

  • Developing education in Eritrea begins with teachers

    “When I graduate, I want to help those who are less fortunate, particularly the homeless”, says Ariam Yosief (left), here with Soliana Mebrahtu (centre) and Saroju Zeru.

    Eritrea is in need of quality teachers, particularly in rural regions, where up to 80 percent of the country’s population live. Certain elements of the Finnish education system could benefit Eritrea as well. An English class is under way for second graders at the Sewra primary school in the Eritrean capital Asmara. “Jerry can, jerry […]

  • “Only education can save our children from poverty”

    Tu-Myaung Village in Myanmar’s Irrawaddy Delta was hit hard by cyclone Nargis in 2008. Nwe Kyi was thankful her family of six survived the disaster. But life was harsh. Although her husband Ko* Maung Kyi, 50, worked hard as a laborer in paddy fields and Daw** Nwe Kyi, 49, exhausted herself for a meager wage transplanting […]

  • Eritrea wants motivated teachers – Finnish education as an example

    Eritrean teacher educators at Finn Church AId office in October 2016.

    In Finland, the government allocates sufficient funds to education. Teachers are motivated and their profession is respected. In these respects, Eritrea could learn from the Finnish experience, says Abraham Belay, senior lecturer at the College of Education at the Eritrean Institute of Technology. Belay is one of five Eritrean teacher educators, who got to know […]

  • “Joining loan and saving group changed my life”

    Cyclone destroyed Wah Wah’s and her  family’s home and all belongings. The support from the Women’s Bank gave them their lives back and made Wah Wah an entrepreneur. “I will never forget the day I joined the loan and savings group, since it is the day that changed my life. I joined the Shwe Hin-Tha (Golden […]

  • Fighting against the clock: Every day out of school reduces the chance of going back

    Shortly after the 2015 earthquakes in Nepal, FCA built 170 safe, temporary learning spaces to affected areas and provided teacher training and learning materials. From the right, Santash Paniyar, Bipin Khatri, Sakar Karki, Gopal Basnet and Nabin Kumar Moktan are enjoying their bamboo school in built by FCA in Kathmandu. Photo: Antti Helin.

    Only days after any emergency you’ll see parents looking to get their kids back to school. Dean Brooks, a leading expert in the field, says that schools create a sense of normalcy and physical protection. Disasters like the earthquake in Nepal, the Syrian war, or continuous crises in the Central African Republic and South Sudan […]

  • Schools instill hope in Syrians: These children will rebuild their country

    In war-torn Syria even going to school is a daily battle. FCA’s work in Syria is focused on supporting children’s education and the results are encouraging

  • South Sudan risks sliding into another civil war – FCA delivers food aid

    FCA delivered food aid to thousands of people around South Sudan’s capital Juba. The security situation in the country is dire, and neighbouring Uganda struggles with massive amounts of refugees.

  • When you’re compelled to do good, not even torture can stop you

    Abu Omar retrieving water from a well.

    Syrian Abu Omar was wrongfully imprisoned. Now his life has meaning that benefits many, including Finn Church Aid’s (FCA) recently started project to assist refugees with disabilities in Jordan. 1 July 2014 was a day to remember for Abu Omar from Syria. On that day, Omar was freed from a Syrian prison as part of […]