The Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI) is an ecumenical initiative that supports local and international efforts to end the Israeli occupation and bring a resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict based on international law and United Nations resolutions.

In 2017, FCA deployed 12 Ecumenical Accompaniers to the Occupied Palestinian Territories with support from the MFA. Out of the 21 countries that participate in the EAPPI programme, Finland is one of the largest contributors. FCA also provided direct coordination support to World Council of Churches.

The volunteers are deployed in the West Bank, where they offer protective presence to vulnerable communities and monitor compliance with international humanitarian law and human rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Following their deployment period, the volunteers participate in advocacy work mainly in Finland. They advocate for civilian protection and policy change, affirming the respect for human rights and international humanitarian law and urging the international community to actively promote a just peace for both Israelis and Palestinians.

Due to the continued increase in house demolitions in the West Bank, the EAPPI programme put extra effort both in the field and in advocacy work on demolitions.

EAPPI programme continued to improve its visibility and strategic advocacy outputs in social media and regular media, in addition to professional deployment management and monitoring work on the ground.

The main campaign for 2017, Glimpses of Hope – Life under Occupation, was arranged in November 2017. The 4-day events were arranged in Helsinki, Turku and Tampere with the main speakers from the Israeli-Palestine NGO Combatants for Peace. The Facebook-campaign linked to the events reached a total of 14,981 viewers.