Help the victims
of hunger crisis
in East Africa:
Disaster Fund

Frequently asked questions

How much of my donation will go towards relief work?

We spend 89 percent of your donations on relief work.

When donating to Finn Church Aid, you can rest assured that we will maximise the cost-effectiveness of our operations, aiming for effective and long-term change in our programme work. Our support functions are also necessary because they enable us to operate effectively and reliably.

We use 11 percent of our funds towards support functions such as essential administrative costs, fundraising, communication and quality control. Thanks to these functions, you can be confident that we are effective in reaching the children and families who are most in need.

Graafinen piirakka, jossa 89 prosenttia vihreällä.


How can I be sure my donation will get through?

Our operations are reliable because they are based on our extensive experience, expert planning, regular monitoring and evaluation, and careful risk management.

Based on the needs of the local community, we plan our programme work carefully and identify the risks before launching the projects. We choose our partners with care, and regularly and closely monitor the use of funds and the progress of our projects.

As the first Finnish organisation, Finn Church Aid has been awarded the international Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS) certificate, demonstrating the standard of our operations.

Finn Church Aid maintains a zero tolerance policy against financial irregularities. This principle is supported by strict financial and purchasing guidelines, and a rigorous independent audit in addition to our internal audit.