Responsible and open use of resources in accordance with good management practices and the principles of sustainable development are a starting point for all of our operations. We appreciate all resources that are donated to us and strive to utilise them in an open and efficient manner.

A significant part of the funds available for development cooperation and disaster-related work is used to purchase various goods and services. The ultimate goal of all procurement is to support the people that are most disadvantaged. FCA offices and local partner organisations are responsible for ensuring that beneficiaries get maximum benefit from the funds donated to our work.

We aim to conduct all procurement activities in an ethical and ecologically sustainable manner. Ethical procurement means that values, such as the fair treatment of employees and the minimisation of environmental effects, are taken into account alongside financial factors in the procurement of goods and services. Supporting local communities is an essential part of development cooperation, and we strive to purchase locally produced goods and services whenever possible and feasible.

Acquisitions are conducted in accordance with specified procedures, in an open and documented way. All tenderers are treated equally without discrimination. FCA acquisitions are carried out in compliance with the Finnish Public Procurement Act, and any acquisitions that exceed the threshold value prescribed by the Act are reported through the HILMA notification channel ( maintained by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy.

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