Evaluation reports

We carry out evaluations regularly to monitor the progress of our work. Through evaluations conducted by independent experts, we gain information on whether our work is producing the desired results.

On this page, you find summaries of evaluations of FCA’s work.


Type of evaluation: Nepal Country Programme Evaluation
Evaluator: Alliance for Development and Research Services Ltd. (ARDS)
Time of the evaluation: February-August 2023


Type of evaluation: Evaluation of the Uganda Country Programme
Evaluator: Appraisal Consulting RV KY/Raisa Venäläinen, Richard Kibombo, Adibaku William Baru
Time of the evaluation: March-June 2022


Name of the Evaluation: Evaluation of the Kenya Country Programme 2019 (Executive Summary)
Evaluator: Munene Charles Kiura, Reuben Mutua Kinanu, Susan Njoki Githaiga and Dominic Ruto Pkalya, on behalf of Social Policy and Development Consulting Limited (SPDC)
Year: 2019


Name of the evaluation: Country Programme Evaluation for South Sudan (Executive Summary)
Evaluator: Forcier
Year: 2018

Name of evaluation: Country Programme Evaluation for Somalia (Executive Summary)
Evaluator: Research Care Africa
Year: 2018


Name of the evaluation: Finn Church Aid Global Programme Evaluation (Executive Summary)
Evaluator: Camaleonte Oy and Osuuskunta G9
Year: 2017

Name of the evaluation: Evaluation on the Civil Society Organizations Receiving Programme-Based Support and Support for Humanitarian Assistance (Executive Summary)
Evaluator: FCG Consulting
Year: 2017

Name of the evaluation: Finn Church Aid (FCA) Syria Response in Jordan 2012–2017 Impact Assesment (Executive Summary)
Evaluator: Nahed Freij
Year: 2017

Name of the evaluation: Impact Assessment Linking Learning to Earning Approach – Final Evaluation Report 2017 (Executive Summary)
Evaluator: Halcyon Louis
Year: 2017

Name of the Evaluation: Country Programme Evaluation for Cambodia 2017 (Executive Summary)
Evaluator: Focus UP
Year: 2017


Name of the evaluation: ECHO HQ Audit report (Executive Summary)
Evaluator: PKF International
Year: 2016