Providing Access to Justice and Gender Sensitive Legal Awareness at Grassroots Level in Liberia

Key Facts

Total project budget: €527,500
Start date: January 2017
Duration: 24 months
Direct beneficiaries: 1929 people
Indirect beneficiaries: 7,500 people

The project contributes to enhance the rule of law and the respect of the fundamental human rights of the most vulnerable prisoners in Liberia, most often women and youth. It will improve access to justice through enhancing local capacities to provide gender sensitive legal support and protection of prisoner’s rights in Lofa, Bong and Nimba counties in Liberia in 2017–2018.

Through enhancing local capacities to promote and protect vulnerable detainees’ rights the project directly contributes to the consolidation of the rule of law and democracy as major components of the good governance sector. By strengthening the dialogue between civilian’s and law enforcement officers, the project is also tackling the priorities, stated by the Government of Liberia, of peace and security and rule of law.

Finn Church Aid’s partners in implementing the project are Association of Female Lawyers of Liberia AFELL and Rural Human Rights Activist Programme RHRAP.

The initiative is funded by the European Union – The European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR).

Main outcomes:

  • Enhanced knowledge of law enforcement representatives, legal practitioners and communities leaders on rule of law and international human rights standards.
  • Increased provision of legal assistance for vulnerable detainees.
  • Strengthened dialogue, cohesion building and information sharing between stakeholders.
  • Improved attitudes and practices, through awareness raising ans advocacy at national and international level, towards vulnerable detainees’ rights.

Delegation of the European Union to Liberia

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