Quality Education for the Children of Leogane and Gressier in Haiti

Student at the Finn Church Aid's built L'école mixte la Sagesse de Jasmin temporary school in Gressier, Haiti. Photo: Jari Kivelä

Key Facts

Total budget: $323,297
Start date: 1 April 2012
Duration: 10 months
Beneficiaries: 8,968 (direct) 4,850 (indirect)


The destructive 2010 earthquake caused serious damage in Haiti, destroying  67% and damaging 29% of school buildings.

After the earthquake, FCA has been working on the reconstruction of school infrastructure. In order to complete this work with a more long-term focus on the quality of education, and based on the needs expressed by the school administrators, FCA and Primates World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF) started a project focusing on improving the quality of education. This included providing furniture to 60 schools located in Léogâne and Gressier, that have a combined 5,250 pupils.

Another component of the project is to support the effective participation of the community in school management. School councils, consisting of school directors, teachers, students, parents and other community members,  were established and trained on their role in promoting the quality of education.  The capacities of local school organisations were also strengthened.

Main outcomes:

• 50 schools in Gressier and Léogâne are equipped with school furniture, and 10 community artisans are trained in school maintenance and equipped with tools.
• Schools have well-functioning school councils, and community participation in school management is improved.
• The capacities of the members of school councils are built.
• Organisational capacity of the schools management organisations AEVIL and CODEG is strengthened.