European Commission’s Directorate-General HOME is a department responsible for EU policy on Migration and Home Affairs.

Two EU Home Affairs Funds have been established for the programming period 2014–2020: the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) and the Internal Security Fund (ISF). The ISF comprises the instrument for financial support for external borders and visa, and the instrument for financial support for police cooperation, preventing and combating crime, and crisis management. The purpose of these Funds is to further develop the area of freedom, security and justice without borders.

In Finland, the Ministry of the Interior is the national authority responsible for the management and control of EU Home Affairs Funds. The Ministry coordinates the preparation of the national programmes and detailed implementation plans through which the funds are implemented. The programmes set out national objectives for the funds, actions to be financed under them and the distribution criteria. The national programmes cover the 2014–2020 programming period. It is estimated that Finland will receive up to 113 million euros in funding during the programming period.