The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is a United Nations Programme headquartered in New York City that provides long-term humanitarian and developmental assistance to children and mothers in developing countries. It was created in December 1946 to provide food, clothing and health care to the European children facing famine and disease after WWII.

UNICEF is part of the Global Movement for Children – a broad coalition dedicated to improving the life of every child.  Through this movement, and events such as the United Nations Special Session on Children, it encourages young people to speak out and participate in the decisions that affect their lives. Active in more than 190 countries and territories through country programmes and National Committees, UNICEF is the world’s leading advocate for children. The heart of its work is in the field where each country office carries out its mission through a unique programme of cooperation developed with the host government.

UNICEF funded FCA projects:

Country: Kenya
Project name: Rehabilitation of selected water structures and equipment at boreholes in Marsabit County (FCA code 11977)
Period: 26/06/2018-31/10/2018
Budget (grant + co-funding): 67,000 + 16,000 €

Country: Uganda
Project name: Construction of classroom blocks (11) in Bidibidi settlement – Yumbe (FCA code 11979)
Period: 02/05/2018-30/08/2018
Budget (grant): 296,000 €

Country: South Sudan
Project name: Provision of equitable access to quality education for conflict affected children, youth and out-of-school children in Jonglei State (GPAA & Fangak) and Lake State (Awerial county), South Sudan (FCA code 11969)
Period: 22/05/2018-22/03/2020
Budget (grant + co-funding): 1,517,000 + 262,000 €

Country: Kenya
Project name: Learning for Life: Early Childhood Development and Education for Displaced Children (FCA code 11970)
Period: 01/05/2018-31/10/2018
Budget (grant + co-funding): 141,000 + 45,000 €

Country: Uganda
Project name: Sustainable Comprehensive Response to Education project (SCORE) (Phase II) (FCA code 11917)
Period: 01/03/2018-28/02/2019
Budget (grant + co-funding): 323,000 + 77,000 €

Country: Kenya
Project name: Emergency Education Response in Kalobeyei settlement (FCA code 11881)
Period: 02/08/2017-30/03/2018
Budget (grant + co-funding): 391,000 + 105,000 €

Country: Kenya
Project name: WASH Drought emergency response for drought affected populations in Turkana, Garissa and Marsabit counties (FCA code 11850)
Period: 01/05/2017-31/08/2017
Budget (grant + co-funding): 152,000 + 39,000 €

Country: Central African Republic (CAR)
Project name: Retablissement des services sociaux de base, Secteur L’education – Restoration of Basic Social Services in the Education Sector (FCA code 11849)
Period: 31/05/2017-30/05/2018
Budget (grant + co-funding): 896,000 + 37,000 €

Country: South Sudan
Project name: Provision of quality education in emergency for conflict affected children in Fangak and Pibor County Jonglei State, South Sudan (FCA code 11834)
Period: 01/04/2017-31/12/2017
Budget (grant + co-funding): 496,000 +101,000 €

Country: Global
Project name: Support to the GEC through provision of One Education Cluster Rapid Response Personel (FCA code 11252)
Period: 01/01/2016-31/12/2017
Budget (grant + co-funding): 137,000 + 1,500 €

Country: Central African Republic (CAR)
Project name: GPE 2nd phase Projet d’Appui au Relèvement du Système Educatif en RCA (FCA code 11806)
Period: 01/03/2017-31/08/2017
Budget (grant + co-funding): 65,000 + 32,000 €

Country: Greece
Project name: Quality early learning, non-formal education, enhanced psychosocial wellbeing and positive integration for refugee children in Greece  (FCA code 11787)
Period: 17/10/2016-31/07/2017
Budget (grant): 2,000,000 €

Country: Kenya
Project name: Promoting access to quality education in Northern Kenya for OOSC (FCA code 11756)
Period: 28/09/2016-30/11/2018
Budget (grant + co-funding): 902,000 + 223,000 €

Country: Uganda
Project name: Sustainable Comprehensive Response to Education project (SCORE) (FCA code 11791)
Period: 07/10/2016-07/10/2017
Budget (grant + co-funding): 214,000 +122,000 €

Country: Central African Republic (CAR)
Project name: Projet d’Appui au Relèvement du Système Educatif en RCA (FCA code 11645)
Period: 01/09/2015-30/11/2016
Budget (grant + co-funding): 611,000 + 66,000 €

Country: Central African Republic (CAR)
Project name: EU-Unicef Réhabilitation des services sociaux de base en Education en RCA (FCA code 11666)
Period: 01/12/2015-31/03/2017
Budget (grant + co-funding): 823,000 + 56,000 €

Country: Nepal
Project name: Education in Emergencies: Towards Learner-Friendly Post-Earthquake Recovery and Resilience (FCA code 11705)
Period: 01/04/2016-31/08/2017
Budget (grant + co-funding): 3,649,000 + 192,000 €

Country: Jordan
Project name: Provision of alternative education, psychosocial support and life skills activities to vulnerable children (in Amman and Irbid) (FCA code 11663)
Period: 10/01/2016-31/12/2016
Budget (grant + co-funding): 1,100,000 + 78,000 €

Country: Central African Republic (CAR)
Project name: Support to the restart of education activities in CAR (FCA code 11525)
Period: 25/06/2014-15/03/2015
Budget (grant): 297,000 €

Country: Central African Republic (CAR)
Project name: Projet de 6 ETAPEs (FCA code 11519)
Period: 01/06/2014-30/09/2014
Budget (grant): 21,040 €