Central Regions Peace Initiative Project in Somalia

Key Facts

Total budget: $5,001,504
Start date: February 2014
Duration: 2 years
Partners: Center for Research and Dialogue (CRD)

The Somalia Stability Fund (SSF) has provided $5,001,504 in funding to Finn Church Aid (FCA) for the facilitation of reconciliation and governance dialogue processes within the central regions of Somalia. The programme begins by focusing on facilitating inter-clan reconciliation, which then transitions to a dialogue process on regional government and administration development.

Somalia’s central regions maintain a long history of inter-clan clashes. A process of addressing these inter-clan conflicts is necessary to allow for viable, equitable, and amicable discussions on regional government and administration. FCA’s process aims at addressing these outstanding inter-clan issues in order to prepare the stage for inclusive and sustainable dialogues on government administration development.

FCA is implementing this project with local partners, the Center for Research and Dialogue (CRD). CRD brings extensive reconciliation and peacebuilding experience in south-central Somalia to the programme. Their participation in the facilitation of these processes allows the programme to maintain a uniquely Somali led dynamic.

Main outcomes:


  • Reconciliation and conflict reduction between the clans living in the central regions of Somalia.
  • Enhanced cooperation, coordination, and communication between clan leadership, sub-clan leadership, local community leadership, and regional and federal administrations.
  • Establishment of an inclusive (of all clans in the participating regions) and sustainable (able to withstand conflict and political, economic, and social volatility) governance structures within the central regions.
  • The institutionalisation of inclusive practices for reconciliation, trust-building, and general community strengthening.
  • The establishment of regional conflict resolution mechanisms to address future conflicts.