Tareeqi (My Way) in Jordan

Key Facts:

Location: Amman and Mafraq in Jordan
Budget: 1,156,400 EUR (8,597,143 DKK) (Danida-funding to FCA: 1,036,500 EUR (7,705,551 DKK)
FCA co-funding: 119,900 EUR (891,592 DKK)
Start date: 05/2017
End date: 06/2018

Jordan has a high cost of living relative to the income of most Jordanians, an overwhelming challenge for unskilled Syrian refugees and unemployed Jordanians. Recent developments have opened the door for Syrians to receive work permits in Jordan, offering Syrians greater opportunities for income and protection.

The Tareeqi project aims to improve livelihood opportunities for Syrians and Jordanians in Jordan, with a special emphasis on women and people with disabilities. FCA is partnering with a local vocational training entity called VTC to deliver vocational training, and Finnish-based Mercuria Business College to provide entrepreneurship training for participants with potential to create new businesses. Through the course of the project, FCA will also facilitate coordination between local, national, and international actors to build linkages for lasting impact and advocacy.

FCA will conduct a market assessment to identify vocations with high demand, then work with the VTC to offer courses to beneficiaries of the project, and Mercuria Business College to offer entrepreneurship courses to beneficiaries with good business acumen (grants will be offered to participants with viable business plans). We will follow up with beneficiaries after graduation to assure they succeed in their new occupation or venture.

The Tareeqi (My Way) project will improve Syrian and Jordanian’s skills and access to the job market, and create new jobs through newly established businesses. This will improve the socio-economic status and resilience of Syrian refugees as well as Jordanians in host communities in Jordan.

The project is funded (89.6%) by Danida (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark) / The European Regional Development and Protection Programme (RDPP).

Who are the main beneficiaries? Jordanians and Syrian refugees
Beneficiaries in numbers? *400 beneficiaries will receive accredited certificates in a vocational skill (18-30 years, 30% Syrians and 70% Jordanians of the total number of beneficiaries);

* 100 beneficiaries will receive business skills training online;

* 40 beneficiaries will receive Retail entrepreneurship training;

* 40 beneficiaries will receive incubation support in the form of small grants and business coaching to start up their own businesses;

* 20 day care educators and assistants will receive an intensive training on Early Childhood Care and Development;

* 300 children attending the ECCD centres on daily basis;

* 300 parents attending the parenting sessions.

Overall objective/goal Improved socio-economic status and resilience of Syrian refugees in Jordan as well as host communities.
Specific objective/purpose Enhanced livelihoods and access to market opportunities through employment and small-scale entrepreneurship for marginalized refugees and host community members, with special focus on women and people with disabilities.
Main results/outputs Result 1: Enhanced market-oriented vocational skills and capacities of marginalized people including women and PWD.

Result 2: Start-up business opportunities are provided for beneficiaries with feasible and innovative project ideas.

Result 3: Improved coordination and awareness on enterprise promotion and socio-economic development at national and regional level.