Innovative and inclusive accelerated education programme for refugee and host community children in Uganda

Uganda is host to over 1,398,991 refugees and asylum-seekers, most of whom were from South Sudan, with over 61% being children – 682,000 at school-age but only 39% (267,337) have access to some kind of education services. A collaborative and consolidated approach underlies our education response through a consortium which will bring effectiveness to Uganda’s Education in Emergencies response by applying standardized approaches, improved coordination, harmonization and communication among leading EiE actors on Accelerated Education Programs (AEP), Finn Church Aid (FCA), Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), War Child Holland (WCH), and led by Save the Children (SC).

The project’s purpose is for conflict affected children (host and refugee) in West Nile and Western Uganda to receive quality accelerated education, be protected and have increased personal wellbeing. The action will provide over aged children with access to quality and protective accelerated learning opportunities including Can’t Wait To Learn (CWTL). In addition, school-aged refugee and host-community children will benefit from psychosocial support and protection services at AE centres (TeamUp). Government and NGO systems will be strengthened to deliver quality AE, including CWTL services at district government and community levels. To complement these approaches, this project will pilot innovative EiE solutions to enhance the provision of safe, inclusive and quality education, streamlining the Quality Learning Environment (QLE). Each element of the intervention is aligned with the Global AE Principles, which provide a core framework for the consortium’s quality improvement of AE Centres.

The project’s duration is 1 April 2018 –  30 April 2019. It is a consortium, led by Save the Children Netherlands (SCNL), and FCA being one of the partners. The project is funded by EU/ECHO (European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations). Total project budget is 3,850,000 €, of which funding to FCA is 810,000 €, and FCA co-funding is 90,000 €.