ACT Alliance Advocacy to the European Union

Finn Church Aid is a member of the ACT Alliance Advocacy to the European Union (ACT Alliance EU, former APRODEV). It is a network influencing EU decision-making processes in order to promote justice and peace, and the eradication of poverty in developing countries. The ACT Alliance EU pursues rights-based development from a faith-based perspective.

The ACT Alliance EU was founded in 1990, known at the time as APRODEV, in order to strengthen the cooperation between the European development and humanitarian organisations which work closely together with the World Council of Churches. At present, 16 such organisations, with offices in 15 European countries, cooperate through the ACT Alliance EU. Together, the members have an annual income of some € 720 million. Their partner organisations can be found in most parts of the world. The ACT Alliance EU is fully financed by its members.

For more information: ACT Alliance EU