CONCORD is the European confederation of Relief and Development NGOs. Its 27 national associations, 17 international networks and 2 associate members represent over 1,800 European NGOs.

CONCORD works to ensure that:

– The EU and member states are fully committed to and implement comprehensive and coherent policies towards the developing world that are based on the principles of solidarity, human rights, justice and democracy, and which aim to address the causes of poverty and conflict and promote sustainable economic and social development.
– The European NGO movement is active and fully engaged in promoting EU policies that have a positive impact on developing countries and have the capacity to influence the direction of these policies.
– The role of the NGOs is valued and protected as an authentic voice of European civil society that is engaged in issues of development and global justice.

As a confederation, CONCORD’s aims are achieved through its members in specific working groups, which are facilitated by a Secretariat and led by a Board and a Director. The working groups feed the political debate and contribute towards improving the formulation of European policies affecting development cooperation and humanitarian assistance.

Finn Church Aid represents ACT Alliance EU in the working group for funding for development and relief (FDR). The group focuses on European Union – NGO funding policies and priorities.

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