Nepal in Chaos – Finn Church Aid assisting people hit by catastrophe

FCA is sending humanitarian advisors to Nepal to support in the coordination of emergency relief. On Saturday 25th April, thousands of people died in the biggest earthquake in Nepal in decades. The situation is still chaotic: around 1,5 million people live in self-constructed temporary shelters.

FCA’s country coordinator in Kathmandu, Lila Bashayal, says that the people are still left to their own devices. Bashayal herself has cobbled together a shelter for his family by using bamboo sticks and plastic.

“The country urgently needs shelter and water. We are in severe need of food and water,” Bashayal says. Local staff is under heavy pressure to organice the aid work while trying to take care of their own and their family members’ well-being. According to Bashayal, there are also security and criminal issues in the center of Kathmandu. In the temporary camps people are fighting for food.

The FCA country office operates at the moment from tent along with its partners ACT Alliance and Lutheran World Federation. The FCA humanitarian advisors will start their journey to Nepal as soon as possible.

As emergency aid, FCA is delivering Nepal shelters, tents, blankets, food and non-food items to Nepal. Already on Saturday, FCA decided to donate 200 000 euros for emergency relief.

The further the rescue workers get from Kathmandu the more difficult the conditions become because of the severely damaged infrastructure. They also lack adequate rescue equipment.

According to Rajeev K.C, FCA’s project coordinator, already several rescue workers have died because they did not have helmets.

More information:

Rajeev K.C, project coordinator p. 0400 934 946, Eija Alajarva, Finn Church Aid, Head of Unit, Development Cooperation p. 040 582 1183, Eriikka Käyhkö, press officer  p. 040 631 9732