Meriam Ibrahim and her family is waiting for an admittance to the United States

Sudanese Meriam Ibrahim, 27, who was first sentenced to death because of claimed apostasy and later freed, is at the moment safe with her family at the Embassy of United States in Sudan in Khartoum.

Ibrahim was freed after a long term in prison in the beginning of the week, but rearrested on Tuesday at the Khartoum airport, in the capital of Sudan, when she and her family were leaving the country. Ibrahim was freed for the second time on Thursday after international diplomatic pressure.

The family is now waiting at the Embassy for their journey to the United States to be organised. Ibrahim’s husband, Daniel Wani, is a U.S. citizen.

Ibrahim’s arrest and subsequent death sentence has received wide international attention. Among others, The Network of Religious and Traditional leaders, working with the UN, pushed for and organized meetings aimed for negotiating a freedom of religion for Ibrahim.

The members of the network met both the Foreign Minister of Sudan and the Ambassador to the United States of Sudan during June in Washington D.C.

Finn Church Aid works as a secretariat to the Network of Religious and Traditional leaders.