Jouni Hemberg nominated to Executive Director at Finn Church Aid

Finn Church Aid board selected yesterday evening FCA’s Washington office Director Jouni Hemberg as an interim Executive Director of FCA for the following 3 years.

Antti Pentikäinen, current ED will lead the Secretariat of the Network of the Religious and Traditional Peacemakers in following 3 years as a Director of the Network’s Secretariat.
Jouni Hemberg will start in his new position at May 1st.

Jouni Hemberg

Jouni Hemberg

Hemberg started in FCA at 2008 as a Head of Humanitarian Aid. After this he served four years as a Director of the international cooperation. Last two years he has led the FCA’s office in USA. Jouni Hemberg has a long experience in the humanitarian and development aid work from the positions as a director in the International Red Cross, Save the Children and UN.

“I believe our focus during the coming years will be in implementation of the fine FCA strategy and to continue our work in strengthening the organization in quality programming, effectiveness, impact and also in innovations”, he draws up his goals for the coming years. Finn Church Aid focuses in its strategy for three themes, right to peace, right to education and right to livelihood.

Contact information:
Jouni Hemberg, tel. +1(301) 385 0841