Finn Church Aid trains Syrian youth also in the Azraq refugee camp in Jordan

Finn Church Aid (FCA) has expanded its operations into the Azraq refugee camp in Jordan. The target group is young men and women living in the camp. They will benefit from learning English language, writing and computer skills. As part of psychosocial support, they can study circus skills, music and acting, or play football.

The opening of Azraq refugee camp was last April. It is now home to 15 000 refugees, who have fled the Syrian war. In the camp, which is in the middle of desert, the youth are struggling to find meaningful activities. Studying or taking up a hobby helps them to survive the frustrating circumstances. By having meaningful activities, times goes by more quickly and youth have less problems in the dire conditions.

UNHCR, the UN’s Refugee Agency, is in charge with coordinating all the organisations’ operations. The organisations distribute food and water, take care of housing issues, health care, protection, basic education and distributing other necessities.

Azraq is located approximately a hundred kilometers from Amman, the capital of Jordan.

Currently, there are 80 youth in the FCA’s program in Azraq. They receive training for three months. The classes are organised separately for men and women.

FCA is also trying out new forms of operation at the camp. After the first courses have finished, courses on gardening and recycling will start. In addition, offerings on courses on sports and other hobbies are increased. The aim is that the youth could study skills that benefit them, and do not become frustrated. This also prevents radicalisation of the youth.

FCA has been supporting young Syrian refugees in Jordan for over two years. Previously, there have been operations at the Za’atri refugee camp and the King Abdullah Park camp. The work started in Azraq refugee camp is based on the experiences of benefits from similar operations in other camps in Jordan.

The project is funded by Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and ACT Alliance.

For additional information:
Eeva Suhonen, Communications Officer, tel. + 358 400 103 286