Finn Church Aid delivered aid for the worth of 38.6 million euros last year

Donors’ and international investors’ trust in FCA remained strong in 2017.

Finn Church Aid (FCA) spent 38.6 million euros on aid work last year, an increase of 7.5 million from the previous year. The growth in operations was enabled by the increase in international funding and private donations. The effects of the cuts to development cooperation funding by the Finnish government were still felt in 2017, and operations in Haiti had to be discontinued.

Last year, FCA spent 5.7 million euros on domestic operations and general administrative expenses. Therefore, of one euro, over 87 cents were spent on aid work, and under 13 cents were used for lobbying, fundraising, communications, training, and general administration.

In 2017, Finn Church Aid’s fundraising yielded 41.8 million euros. The support of private donors to the work of FCA is still the single most important source of funding. The funding received from private and business donations in 2017 was 12.7 million euros. In addition, international funding continued its rapid growth, amounting to 12 million euros last year. Parishes were responsible for 7.7 million of the proceeds, and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs for about 9 million euros.

The work of the 70 -year old Finn Church Aid still concentrated on the most fragile and challenging operative environments in the world. Despite difficult circumstances, the work bore fruit, and hundreds of thousands of people around the world received aid. In Finland, work with immigrants continued to grow.

”In addition to our traditional aid work, occupational training, creating jobs, and improving subsistence are becoming important focal points for FCA. Cooperation with Finnish education operators, such as Omnia Education Partnership Oy and universities, is rapidly yielding results,” says executive director of FCA, Jouni Hemberg.

The high number of prolonged crises around the world in 2017 could be seen in FCA’s humanitarian work. Almost all humanitarian aid focused on supporting refugees in South Sudan, Myanmar, Jordan, Greece, Syria, and the Central African Republic.

Based on funds used for delivering aid, Finn Church Aid is the biggest organisation providing international aid in Finland. As in previous years, most of the work focused on Africa, representing 40 percent and over 18 million euros of all FCA’s work.

Inquiries: Executive Director of Finn Church Aid Jouni Hemberg, tel. 050 325 9579