Finn Church Aid to the heart of European peace building

Long-time Finn Church Aid employee Mahdi Abdile moves to the European Institute of Peace in Brussels, for a period of two years. In his new position, Abdile will focus on the prevention of violent radicalisation.

The European Institute of Peace (EIP) is an independent partner to the European Union. It mediates peace talks and supports informal dialogue between conflicting parties. The institute also conducts research.

Mahdi Abdile

Mahdi Abdile

“I am very happy for this opportunity. Finn Church Aid has the will to do peace work and expertise in it”, Mahdi Abdile says.

According to Abdile, peace work is right now more important – but also more challenging – than ever. Numerous small and violent extremist groups have emerged in the world. You need to know them, in order to negotiate with them.

“Ten years ago there was only Al-Qaeda. Now, there is Isis, Boko Haram and Al-Shabaab. What we need is research and knowledge. It is hard work, very similar to the work of diplomats”, Abdile says.

“This is an excellent opportunity to strengthen cooperation with the EIP, which is a significant actor in the field”, says Finn Church Aid Executive Director Jouni Hemberg.

With the appointment of Abdile, Finn Church Aid, the EIP and the US based Network of Religious and Traditional Peacemakers have entered into cooperation.

“A small Finnish actor is now uniting European and American peace making”, Hemberg adds.

Mahdi Abdile, who comes from a Somalian background, began working at Finn Church Aid in 2007 as an advisor for the Programme Work in the Horn of Africa. In 2014, he began working as the deputy regional representative, and later the regional representative, of FCA’s East and Southern Africa Regional Office in Nairobi.

Peace work is one of the thematic priorities of Finn Church Aid.

Further information:
Jouni Hemberg, FCA Executive Director, tel. + 358 50 325 9579,
Mahdi Abdile p. +254 735 800030