Cooperation procedure concluded in Finn Church Aid

The cooperation procedure in Finn Church Aid, which was launched as a result of government cuts in development cooperation funding, has been concluded. The procedure was launched in order to cover the 6.2 million euros of cuts made to funding by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

The procedure resulted in the termination of five contracts, and in two retirements, at the Helsinki head office. In addition, nine contracts were transformed into part-time contracts, or arrangements were made on them for a leave of absence. A further nine contracts of locally hired personnel abroad were terminated.

FCA staff has also agreed to give away at least 30 percent of holiday bonuses.

“The government cuts force us to make savings in many different areas, which will also show as changes in our approach this year and next year. What makes this very difficult is the fact that these government cuts are imposed on a strict timetable and aren’t staggered”, says Jouni Hemberg, FCA Executive Director.

“We were able to conclude this process with relatively little staff reductions, because we have been preparing for a changing funding base for some time, and because our staff was admirably flexible during the procedure and willing to give away some benefits.”

Early September, FCA reported that cuts in government funding force it to shut down its operations in some countries and make considerable reductions in many others. Operations will be completely shut down in Lebanon, Honduras, Mozambique and the Democratic Republic of the Congo by the end of March 2016.

Considerable reductions will be made, for example, in Cambodia and Guatemala.

Further information: Jouni Hemberg, Executive Director, tel. +358 50 325 9579