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International Women’s Day – Dora Kaiza is FCA Uganda’s first female driver

International Women’s Day – Dora Kaiza is FCA Uganda’s first female driver

On International Women’s Day 2024, we focus on investing in women. The following is a guest contribution from Dora Kaiza, one of FCA’s professional drivers in Uganda and the first woman to hold that position.

‘My name is Dora Kaiza. I am 34 years old and I am so proud to be a professional driver. For many years this was regarded as a male-dominated profession. My life before Finn Church Aid was a journey full of  challenges. As a single mother raising three boys, I faced the task of providing for my family and driving is all I depended on. Even with my passion for driving and years of experience, the opportunities seemed scarce, and I would find myself being undervalued.

‘A lady can’t drive’

At the transport company where I worked, many said, “a lady can’t drive,” but I refused to let their insecurities lower my potential.

In 2022, after the Covid lockdown, I received a dream come true opportunity to join Finn Church Aid as a driver. It was a chance to prove myself in a new environment, a chance to support my family and also to challenge those saying that women can never make it doing male jobs. I will never forget the feelings on my first day, driving alongside the male drivers. But with each mile, my confidence grew, and I realized that I belonged here. I knew this was more than just a job—it was a calling.

Dora makes some engine checks before her long drive.

Every kilometre is a sign of my determination

The road ahead had its challenges. As the first female driver in FCA’s history in Uganda, I faced resistance from some road users. Yet, with support from FCA colleagues and my determination to succeed, I refused to let people hold me back. Every kilometre driven was a sign of my determination to break down barriers.

FCA’s trust in me was both humbling and empowering. By entrusting me with their vehicle and placing their faith in my abilities, they not only gave me a job but also proved my worth as a woman in a male-dominated profession. Each journey taken was a sign that gender should never be a barrier to an opportunity.

Over the years, I have faced challenges—from driving on bad roads to confronting male bullies who try to push me off the road. Yet, with each challenge, I came out stronger and more determined to prove that women belong behind the wheel and at the forefront of change.

Driving forward

When I reflect on my journey with Finn Church Aid, I feel so proud. They have provided me with a platform to express my passion while supporting my family. FCA has also empowered me to be a symbol for change in my community.

As I continue to drive forward, I am reminded of the many women who have not yet to reached their full potential. My hope is that my story will inspire other women to dream big, ignore stereotypes, and take on every opportunity that comes their way. Together, we can promote gender equality and create a brighter future for all.’


Invest in women: accelerate progress.

At FCA gender inclusion and equality are not just ideals, they are realities worth fighting for. We work every day alongside our sister organisation, Women’s Bank towards a world where women have the financial independence and power to make their own choices.

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