Right to Livelihood

Sustainable Livelihoods – Resilient Communities

For Finn Church Aid (FCA), the Right to Livelihood theme encompasses:

  • Access to and control over productive resources including land and water.
  • Issues related to markets as places where goods and services are traded.
  • Recognition of the fact that participation in markets requires education, skills and capital, often in the form of credit.

We foster participation, inclusion and socio-economic empowerment.

Our specific focus areas are small-scale entrepreneurship and employment, with an emphasis on women and young people. Within these groups, we work with the poorest and most vulnerable in each context. We also foster the commitment and capacity of local and national duty bearers to address the structural problems affecting livelihoods.

Promotion of Enterprise and Employment

Finn Church Aid develops the capacities and opportunities for viable, profitable enterprise and decent employment for poor women, the youth and the landless.

We assist women in particular in expanding their income generating activities into market-oriented small businesses, securing their access to finance, business development services and appropriate technologies. Skills upgrading, both for production and for business, is an integral part of all FCA programmes.

Linking enterprise and employment with education, we strive to ensure that vocational training graduates have a smooth transition from school to work and to active citizenship. Secure and sustainable livelihoods are stabilising factors in a society and help promote peace.

Business Approach to Smallholder Agriculture

Promotion of smallholder agriculture has the objective of enabling smallholders to cater for the food and subsistence needs of their families, as well as to produce and deliver surplus to the market. We specialise in farming as a business, agro-processing and agro-based entrepreneurship, and strengthening rural cooperatives and producer groups.

In Emergencies

The preservation, recovery and development of the resources necessary for future livelihoods of disaster-affected people are FCA priorities that supplement our life-saving activities in emergencies. Interventions include, e.g. cash transfer and market access programmes, food or livelihood asset distributions and capacity building. FCA also works to strengthen the resilience of communities and their livelihoods against future shocks, including natural and man-made disasters and the negative effects of climate change.

See brochure on Right to Livelihood.

Cover of Right to Livelihood brochure with photo of a woman sitting by a sewing machine and smiling broadly, SDG symbols 5,8,13 and 17.