Victims of the Myanmar floods need assistance

Myanmar is experiencing its worst floods in decades. Finn Church Aid local partners have already begun to assess the extent of damages and the needs for assistance. People affected by the floods are provided with shelter materials, food, clean water and supply packages.

The floods were caused by heavy rains brought to neighbouring Bangladesh by the typhoon Komen on 30 July.

According to international relief organisations, 260,000 people have been affected by the floods. Death toll is 69, but expected to rise, since not all affected areas have been reached due to challenging conditions.

Both coastal and mountain regions are flooding, and the rains have resulted in landslides in the mountains. The Myanmar government has declared four regions as disaster zones (Chin, Sagaing, Magway and Rakhine), but 12 areas in total have suffered damages. Floods have destroyed infrastructure, cut electricity and hindered communications.

Vast areas of farmland are submerged and cattle have died. Large scale damages to cultivated areas will have a long term negative effect on the food security of the impoverished population.

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