Veera Hämäläinen to build ACT Alliance’s brand

Finn Church Aid will send its long-time Director of Communications, Veera Hämäläinen, to build ACT Alliance’s brand in Geneva. ACT Alliance is a coalition of faith-based humanitarian organisations that was based four years ago. The aim is to strengthen the influence of the extensive work done by faith-based organisations and the familiarity of ACT Alliance.

Finn Church Aid has been actively worked to develop ACT Alliance.  It believes, that as a global network, ACT has better opportunities for international funding and its member organisations to have a stronger voice in advocacy work.

“I am excited about this unique opportunity to get to build a global brand. 140 organisations from both the North and the South in over 140 countries is a huge challenge. Altogether, there are 25 000 employees working in its member organisations, and ACT uses nearly 1,2 billion euros annually for humanitarian work, development cooperation and advocacy work. Raising familiarity and building a brand is challenging, but extremely interesting”, Veera Hämäläinen says.

Veera Hämäläinen is currently a member of ACT Alliance’s Board. The term will end at the end of the year. She has also been a member of ACT’s Communications, Media and Brand – Working Group during 2010-2014. Hämäläinen will start her new position at the beginning of next year, and her post is for a year.

“ACT Alliance is being built together with its member organisations, so in order to succeed in the job, a lot of communication is required with its members. It’s possible to create a long-term plan to raise ACT Alliance’s familiarity and build its brand, but the first practical steps in cooperation will be taken already in 2015.”

Veera Hämäläinen has been the Director of Communications at Finn Church Aid for over six years. She has been in charge of building FCA’s brand, and also leading some of its religious stakeholders’ and volunteers’ work. The most well-known networks in her responsibility are Women’s Bank and Changemaker youth network, and Teachers Without Borders.

In addition, Finn Church Aid is streamlining its organisation. All its homeland operations will be under one director. This position will be held by Ritka Heino.

For additional information:
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