Inauguration of the new Christianville Community School in Haiti

The new Christianville Community School was inaugurated in Gressier, Haiti a week ago.

The three main buildings contain 9 classrooms for a total of 400 students. Along with the main buildings on this 2,500 square meter site, we also included an administration office, a teachers’ room, a library, a computer room, bathrooms, an infirmary, a guardians’ hut and two main open playing grounds for children of different ages.

The buildings were constructed with a method validated by the Haitian Ministry of Education to be earthquake and hurricane resistant.

The principal community actors who supported us in the execution of this project have united their voices in saying that the Christianville School is an exceptional education space and gives great hope to their community. According to them, the winners of this project are the children who can study in a high quality education space.