Fresh violence in the Masisi area in the Democratic Republic of the Congo – FCA work suspended

Fresh violence has occurred in the Masisi territory in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Fighting is ongoing in the villages of Lukweti and Lwibo where FCA works on tackling child malnutrition. The staff of our partner implementing the project has been relocated to another town.

In Lukweti, most villagers have fled, including the medical staff of the local health centre, leaving patients unattended. Malnourished children benefiting from FCA’s support are among those patients.
Hoping for a swift resolution to the fighting, FCA is constantly monitoring the situation while keeping in contact with the partner’s staff on the ground.

Located in the highly unstable Masisi territory, now sheltering the highest concentration of IDPs in DR Congo, the towns of Lukweti and Lwibo have long been the theatre of violent conflicts between the Congolese army FARDC and the armed rebel group APCLS.

Finn Church Aid has been implementing a humanitarian project in in the villages of Bukombo, Lwibo and Lukweti through its partner the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) since June 2015.

The multi-sectoral project focuses on tackling rampant malnutrition in the area targeting 1,200 malnourished children, while strengthening the capacity of vulnerable parents through sustainable livelihood methods and psychosocial support. The project is funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.