Finn Church Aid publishes a remote teacher training package during pandemic

Finn Church Aid are proud to announce the publication a new remote teacher-training package in cooperation with DanChurchAid (DCA). The package was developed during the pandemic when the closure of all education institutions in Bangladesh, including all learning facilities in the Rohingya refugee camps, forced many learners and teachers to move to remote teaching and learning.

When the COVID-19 pandemic spread to the Cox’s Bazaar refugee camp, the Bangladeshi government announced that education was a non-essential activity, closed all education institutions, and instituted a countrywide lockdown. Hosting teacher trainings remotely became a challenge for the workers of FCA and DCA. Internet connectivity and access to IT tools are limited in areas of Bangladesh. Because of the pandemic, teachers were dealing with the extra stress of living under a lockdown, in an already heavily crisis-affected environment.

DCA and FCA education team members wanted to transform what they had learned during the pandemic into a package that could be used by any other partner at Cox’s Bazaar and in different local contexts in the world.

“The focus is as much on the participants as it is on the content,” FCA’s Education Technical Adviser Andreia Soares says. She has been seconded to the Cox’s Bazaar team of Dan Church Aid since March. “When we developed the package we paid attention to the participants’ relevant learning as well as well-being, and the process was very interactive,” she says.

Input and feedback from participants was constantly gathered and the activities were developed based on their experiences. Also volunteers from the Teachers Without Borders network helped with moving the training to digital channels. The training was delivered using both Zoom and WhatsApp offering both flexibility and social contact.

DanChurchAid has been working in the Rohingya refugee camps for several years training education facilitators in different roles with the aim of building the capacity of education facilitators and ensuring the delivery of quality education to adolescent and youth, especially girls and women.

The package is based on the INEE (Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies) TiCC (Teacher in Crisis Contexts) training pack as well as the TiCC Training Pack contextualized for Bangladesh through the Cox’s Bazar Education Sector. The Package incorporates the experiences from the education facilitators working in the camps and the lessons learned from delivering two remote trainings: refresh and foundational TiCC training.

The packages includes five tools: Facilitation Guide, Pre-training Needs Assessment Tool, Pre and Post Test, Mid-term and Final Evaluation Form, and Participants’ Tracking Sheet.


The training package available here: The Remote Teacher Training in Crisis Contexts


Photos: Dan Church Aid