Finn Church Aid begins to provide assistance to refugees in Europe

Finn Church Aid (FCA) begins to provide assistance to refugees in Europe through its partners in Hungary, Serbia and Greece. The assistance will consist of providing clean water and sanitation, hygiene packages, bedclothes, blankets and winter clothes to the refugees. Psycho-social support will also be offered.

“The situation has culminated in August. People are risking their lives, and many have already died. Our mission is to assist where the needs are most urgent, but ultimately the refugee question can only be answered by addressing the issues in the countries of origin”, says Eija Alajarva, Head of Humanitarian Assistance at Finn Church Aid.

So far this year, over 2,500 people have lost their lives trying to reach Europe. Approximately 300,000 refugees have entered Europe by the end of August, when the total number of refugees last year was 219,000.

“Refugees are in an extremely vulnerable position, at the mercy of smugglers and other criminals. There are children who make the dangerous journey alone. As a result of the cuts the new Finnish government made to humanitarian assistance, Finn Church Aid is more and more dependent upon private donations. Even though the situation is challenging, FCA has the responsibility and the expertise to deliver assistance”, says Jouni Hemberg, Finn Church Aid Executive Director.

Finn Church Aid provides assistance to refugees in Europe through three partner organisations: Hungarian Interchurch Aid in Hungary, Philanthropy in Serbia and the International Orthodox Christian Charities in Greece.

FCA is a member of ACT Alliance.

Give a donation to assist the refugees!
Donations account: Nordea bank, IBAN FI33 1572 3000 5005 04. Message: Refugee crisis


Further information:
Eija Alajarva, Head of Humanitarian Assistance, tel. +358 40 582 1183
Jouni Hemberg, Executive Director, tel. +358 50 325 9579
Eriikka Käyhkö, Communications Officer, tel. +358 40 631 9732
Ulla Kärki, Communications Officer, tel. +358 50 576 7948