FCA’s Education Specialist to Eritrea

Finn Church Aid Education Specialist, Hanna Posti-Ahokas, arrives in Eritrea to begin a one-year assignment.

Finland’s leading humanitarian and development organisation, Finn Church Aid (FCA) is supporting efforts to improve access to quality education in Eritrea.

Just over a week ago, Dr. Hanna Posti-Ahokas arrived in Asmara to begin a one-year assignment with FCA. Posti-Ahokas holds a PhD in education from the University of Helsinki and has extensive experience in supporting quality education in Finland and East Africa.

Posti-Ahokas will be based at the Eritrean Institute of Technology and will work alongside the faculty to improve the teacher education programme, design new curricula for Master’s level education, lead research on education issues, and support staff development.

“Our Eritrean partners identify education as the highest priority, and we are privileged to work alongside the education faculty, new teachers, school management—the people who are eager to create a brighter future for children and the youth”, Posti-Ahokas says.

“Ultimately, education should be about how to learn. Learning is not about storing information, but about acquiring the skills to address the complex problems one faces. Building a passion for learning and linking learning to employment opportunities is particularly critical.

I look forward to working with dynamic Eritrean teacher educators who are committed to improving the quality of education. By working with higher education institutions, we can move beyond the traditional quick-fix solutions to more sustainable, lasting solutions,” she adds.

Later this month, Posti-Ahokas will be joined by two Finnish Education Specialists from the Teachers without Borders Network, who will work with the faculty at the Asmara Community College of Education.

Further information:
Hanna Posti-Ahokas, FCA Education Specialist, Eritrea: hanna.posti-ahokas@kua.fi
Mary Tangelder, FCA Regional Education Specialist: mary.tangelder@kua.fi
Laura Vanhanen, FCA Education Adviser, tel. +358 40 631 9409