FCA builds 300 temporary learning spaces in Nepal

Finn Church Aid is distributing emergency supplies in areas devastated by the earthquakes in Nepal. Next step of our response is temporary school construction.

“The preliminary plan is to build the frames of the temporary learning spaces out of bamboo, and use plastic canvas as roofs. The approaching monsoon season will undoubtedly bring challenges to transporting the materials. We also have to estimate how well the learning spaces will withstand the heavy rains”, says construction engineer Tuomas Väisänen, who is directing and supervising the building project in Nepal.

Bamboo is readily available in Nepal, and, as a building material, it is strong and durable.

“It will surely be a challenge to acquire the materials and find competent workforce under the post-catastrophe conditions.”

Finn Church Aid will build the learning spaces in the regions of Lalitpur and Bhaktapur, which were severely devastated by the earthquake last month.

According to the Department of Education of Nepal, a total of 6,300 schools in the country have been completely or partially destroyed. Over 900,000 children are in need of support to continue their education.

As the coordinator of the building project, Väisänen must evaluate the needs on site; participate in designing the learning spaces, acquiring the building materials and overall quality control; and recruit and instruct the local workforce. Earlier, he has worked for the FCA in rebuilding learning spaces in the Philippines.

After a catastrophe, having access to school supports the mental and physical recovery of children.

Finn Church Aid, which has specialised in arranging education in catastrophes, is also sending education expert Minna Peltola, and, next week, special education teacher Johanna Kurki, to Nepal. They will take part in organising teacher training, psychosocial support and child protection in the disaster area.

Finn Church Aid will also distribute school materials in Nepal.

Further information:

Eija Alajarva, Head of Humanitarian Assistance, Helsinki, p. +358 40 582 1183

Finn Church Aid fundraising for the victims of the Nepal earthquake

Fundraising account: Nordea IBAN FI33 1572 3000 5005 04, reference number 4022.