Faith-based humanitarian organisations welcome Pope Francis to the Central African Republic

Pope Francis will visit the Central African Republic (CAR) on Sunday as part of his trip to Africa. The visit comes at a critical moment, as the country and its dire humanitarian circumstances are once again at risk of being forgotten amidst other crises taking place in the world.

Hopefully, with recent security concerns and surge of violence which has taken hundreds of lives and left thousands newly displaced, the Pope’s presence and message in the country will encourage conflict parties – regardless of their ethnicity or religious affiliation – to take responsibility, show honest leadership and work for peace and social cohesion in this critical transition period CAR is currently undergoing.

The faith-based humanitarian organisations working in the country strive to provide humanitarian assistance and protection to the most vulnerable, including the 2.7 of the 4.7 million people living in CAR with no access to water, food, health or education. However, too often insecurity and armed militias prevent or present obstacles to humanitarian work.

This is why the organisations wish the Pope might influence lawmakers and stakeholders who exercise control over the armed groups and conflict areas to ensure that humanitarian organisations enjoy unhindered and free access to those in urgent need of assistance.

The Pope’s trip to Africa started on Wednesday and includes visits to Kenya, Uganda and the Central African Republic.

Eight faith-based humanitarian organisations working in CAR issued a common letter to Pope Francis, which you can read By clicking the link below.

Letter to Pope Francis for visit to Central African Republic