EU Aid Volunteers Capacity Building program launched in Cambodia

ACT Alliance in Cambodia with the support of the EU Aid Volunteers initiative, today launched a capacity building program in Cambodia.

“The EUAV project fits well to the Cambodian context. We are now facing a drought that affects the local communities’ agricultural crops and water usage. We need to strengthen our capacity to cope and adjust to the drought and other disasters. The EUAV project provides an opportunity to build the capacity of local communities and of ourselves too to become more resilient”, says Mr Norng Sivouthan, Chairperson of ACT Forum in Cambodia.

All ACT Forum members expressed their strong commitment to work together to enhance resilience in Cambodia.

The work is part of the 2014–2020 European Commission’s Humanitarian aid and Civil Protection department (ECHO) initiative called EU Aid Volunteers, bringing together organisations from different countries and strengthening the local capacity of disaster-affected communities.

During 2016–2017, ten member organisations of ACT Alliance, a global coalition of faith-based humanitarian and development organisations, will train  local organisations working in eight disaster-prone countries.

Through the EU Aid Volunteers initiative, from 2016 to 2020, altogether 4,000 EU citizens will get the opportunity to do humanitarian work. The initiative will also provide capacity building for 4,400 people from non-EU, disaster-affected countries, and 10,000 online volunteering opportunities.

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