A big fund for helping to stop ebola

Finnish Church Aid (FCA) has signed a significant contract with US government agency USAID and British NGO Mercy Corps. The aim is to improve infection prevention in Liberia, a country still fighting Ebola virus disease.

The state in Liberia is fragile and the Liberians can often be distrustful of authorities. All communities still don’t have the information needed to stop the transmission of Ebola and false rumors spread around. FCA will train community mobilizers to spread the right information from door to door to inform communities. Leaflets and radio will also be used in the battle against Ebola.

FCA will co-operate with Dutch NGO ZOA and various local partners.

”We have been hailed for working with local organizations and provincial health teams. Our sponsors also appreciate the approach”, says Leena Lindqvist, FCA’s regional representative of West and Central Africa.

The grant is 630 000 USD (544 000 euros). The program started in December and ends in mid-April.

For more information contact Leena Lindqvist, Finnish Church Aid’s regional representative of West and Central Africa, leena.lindqvist@kua.fi, tel.  +231 880 810 518 (Liberia)