A new earthquake in Nepal causes further destruction – FCA’s work in Nepal continues

A new earthquake has devastated Nepal causing destruction even in areas that were previously spared from the most severe damage. The epicentre of the magnitude 7.3 quake of Tuesday morning was east of Kathmandu near Mount Everest. Nepal has once again fallen in complete chaos. Injured people are arriving in hospitals.

Finn Church Aid Project Coordinator Johanna Tervo reporting from Kathmandu says the situation is uncertain. People are afraid, panicking and running around. FCA staff in Nepal is fine.

“At the moment, we are completely in the dark. We can only assume that our work will continue, both with emergency aid and in opening up temporary schools. But at the same time, the work has become even more difficult”, Tervo explains.

Eeva Hardèn, working in Gorkha, also informs of new devastation: collapsed buildings and possible new victims.

“The quake was felt really strongly all the way in Gorkha”, Hardèn says.

Finn Church Aid Head of Humanitarian Assistance, Eija Alajarva, once again appeals to the willingness of people to help.

“We are back in square one again. The people in Nepal need shelter, water, sanitation and food absolutely immediately”, Alajarva says.

From now on, the mission of Finn Church Aid is to secure the continuation of education amongst the catastrophe.

Further information from Nepal:

Eeva Hardèn, Project Coordinator, Logistics, Gorkha, p. +35840 753 63 53 (or +977 9851152163)

Johanna Tervo, Project Coordinator, Kathmandu, p. +977 985 115 9106 (or +881621419330)

Further information from Helsinki:

Eija Alajarva, Head of Humanitarian Assistance, Helsinki, p. 040 582 1183

Eriikka Käyhkö, Communications Officer, Helsinki, p. 040 631 9732

Finn Church Aid fundraising for the victims of the Nepal earthquake

Fundraising account: Nordea IBAN FI33 1572 3000 5005 04, reference number 4022.