I would like to go to a beach

When the weather is hot 23-year-old Laydali Al- Badawi cannot go to cool down by the sea, because she is a Palestinian, who lives in Tulkarm in the West Bank and Israel has strict rules on granting travel permits to Palestinians .
“If we want to swim or run, where do we go, there is no place! We have no parks,” Al-Badawi huffs.
Al-Badawi participates at Finn Church Aid’s partner’s Palestinian Peace and Democracy Centre’s activities.

The centre teaches young Palestinians aged between 18-38 about their rights and organises discussions as well as television and film courses. PCPD aims to encourage young people to become active citizens promoting issues important to the Palestinians in a non-violent way.
What hopes does she have for the future?
“I want freedom. I want to move from one place to another.”

Text and photo: Terhi Kinnunen