I learned about my rights that I never knew about

Wael Amro, 28, from Doura, South Hebron, is actively involved in Palestinian Centre for Peace and Democracy ( PCPD ‘s ) work and says that he has learned about universal civil rights. “At PCPD’s course, I learned that we have rights, which I previously did not know about. I am talking for example about the citizens’ right to have a local government and the constitution,” he says. Many young Palestinians need activation and training courses, as youth unemployment is high. According to statistics, in January-March, 41 percent of the Palestinians aged 20-24 were unemployed.

Amro, who previously worked in the public sector, says it important that PCPD raises issues that Palestinian youth identify as important. “Here we get to be creative, the organisation has not given us opinions,” he says.

Text and photo: Terhi Kinnunen