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  • Speed dating with Eritrean teacher educators – a dive into learning-centeredness

    Research after research shows that teachers are prone to teach the way they were taught at school. If the educational system is to be developed, then, it’ll be critical to expose teachers to learning experiences that support the desired change. The Eritrean National Curriculum emphasizes on a learner-centered and interactive approach to teaching, but teachers […]

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  • A day in primary school in Eritrea

    Primary school children dressed in bright green school uniforms smile and wave at us on our morning run while the morning rush hour is only just about to start. As sunlight breaks colours into soft evening shades, groups of school children returning home bring colour back to the streets of Asmara. What is going on? […]

  • Teachers without Borders volunteers in Eritrea

    It only takes some 13 hours to get to Asmara from the Helsinki Airport in Finland. Yet, Finland and Eritrea are located on the same time zone. It is perhaps more accurate to measure the actual time difference between the two countries in decades rather than hours. The city of Asmara is characterised by charmingly […]