• Why the coronavirus pandemic should not put all other crises on hold

    The coronavirus pandemic does not mean that other crises are less urgent but it has rapidly restricted work with development cooperation, humanitarian aid, peacebuilding and climate change. We now have to fight many battles at the same time.

  • FCA as a faith-based organisation

    Irrelevant of the faith group you may belong to, we all benefit from the building of an equitable, inclusive and just society. Helsinki HO recently invited the FCA Cambodia team to join a Skype meeting on what it means to represent a Faith Based Organisation (FBO). It was an insightful discussion and made us think […]

  • Rethinking learning – find an inspiring location

    How could I improve the learning environments of children in the difficult places I have visited? This was the question I was asking myself last autumn, sitting in my new room in the new FCA office, looking at the empty walls around my desk. My head seemed to mirror the emptiness, even though I was […]

  • Why is Jonas Burgos still missing?

    On International Day of Social Justice, NCCP remembers the victims of enforced disappearances. During 2010-2014, altogether 21 persons have been victims of enforced disappearances in the Philippines.* The Court of Appeals has ruled that the military and government are responsible for these cases. Jonas Burgos was abducted in April 2007, almost eight years ago. Why […]