Kitchen kits, food and blankets – FCA supports displaced people in northeast Syria emergency situation to survive the winter conditions

Finn Church Aid (FCA) is working together with its local Syrian church based partner in Damascus to provide the displaced people in city of Hassakeh food packages, water and winterization items during the next two months.

FCA granted 100 000 euros from its relief fund in October to support humanitarian operations in northeast Syria. Together with its local Syrian church based partner, FCA provides 200 households winterization items such as blankets and tarps as well as kitchen kits and water tanks.

“In addition to safe drinking water, we are providing food and winterization items for two shelters in Hassakeh,” says FCA’s Middle East Regional Development Manager Aleksandr Avramenko.

Besides the drinking water and winterization items, there are shortages in food supplies and medicine, as well as lack of medical assistance and primary care to children.

An estimated 200 000 people left their homes after the Turkish military operation started in northeast Syria on 9th October. Approximately 117, 000 people have returned to their areas of origin.

However, the need for humanitarian assistance remains high in northeast Syria. According to UN OCHA, 75,438 people, including around 31,700 children and 18,800 women, remained displaced from the Hassakeh, Raqqa and Aleppo governorates in the end of November.

Of those displaced, approximately 58,000 are residing in host communities and the rest are accommodated in 96 active collective shelters mostly located in Hassakeh governorate.

According to UN OCHA around 1,650,000 people are still in need of humanitarian assistance. Despite recent agreements between parties in northeast Syria aiming at cessation of hostilities, sporadic fighting has continued in the area throughout November causing more people to flee their homes.