Ikali Karvinen appointed Deputy Executive Director of Finn Church Aid

Karvinen has previously worked as Country Director for FCA’s offices in Somalia, Cambodia and Eritrea and coordinated FCA’s global research activities.

FINN CHURCH AID’S (FCA) Board of Directors has selected Ikali Karvinen as the organisation’s Deputy Executive Director. Karvinen currently works as Country Director for FCA’s country office in Somalia. Substitute arrangements will start immediately at the country office, and Karvinen will assume his new position as soon as possible.

Karvinen has previously worked as Country Director for FCA in Cambodia and Eritrea and has coordinated FCA’s global research activities. He is also a North Korea (DPRK) planning team member and has represented FCA in various INEE (Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies) working spaces. Karvinen holds a PhD in Public Health, Nurse Teacher’s qualification and special training in higher education leadership and administration and is trained for deaconess work, church missionary activities, and international work.

Karvinen says that he is humbly taking the role of Deputy Executive Director.

“FCA is my dream organisation: it has a global, relevant vision and aims to serve the world’s most vulnerable people. It does it by basing the action firmly on faith and human rights”, he says.

The Deputy Executive Director monitors FCA’s global programme’s progress and leads the organisation’s Strategy Development Department and the Secretariat of The Network for Religious and Traditional Peacemakers. Karvinen will also be the Chair of FCA’s Management Team.

FCA received 49 applications for the position.

”In a group of strong candidates, Ikali Karvinen’s broad work experience in the field, FCA’s operational contexts and relevant networks stand out. This expertise gives a valuable foundation for our strategic leadership”, says Tarja Kantola, Chair of the Board of Directors.

FCA’s Executive Director Tomi Järvinen emphasises that the core question of any organisation working in the development and humanitarian sector is added value, tangible impact, understanding global trends and navigating the changing operational environment,

”Ikali has a proven track record of leadership in all of these areas. Having worked in some of the world’s most difficult contexts where FCA is present, he will be a great value add to us at the Helsinki office, our country offices and other partners we work with”, Järvinen says.

The people form the core of FCA’s work

In a world compromised with various conflicts, disasters and negativity, Karvinen wants to emphasise FCA’s role as an actor of hope. He points to research showing that the world is a much better place now than ten years ago. At the same time, he is worried about growing inequalities. The world needs value-based actors, and FCA is well-positioned to do quality work in its offices and networks.

Lately, Karvinen has witnessed the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Eastern Africa, where millions suffer from the consequences of climate change that causes hunger.

“FCA seeks to remind its global and Finnish audiences that these people should not be forgotten. No one is supposed to be left behind”, Karvinen says.

Karvinen envisions an FCA that strengthens its work on innovations, new livelihood alternatives and cooperation with various faith-based institutions from all faiths to benefit people in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and beyond.

“It is not, however, only about beneficiaries. I also want us to act our values in practice among our staff”, Karvinen says.

More information:

Ikali Karvinen, Deputy Executive Director

Tarja Kantola,
Chair of FCA’s Board of Directors
p. +358 50 555 0833

Tomi Järvinen, Executive Director
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