Finn Church Aid grants 100,000 euros to support earthquake victims in Haiti

Nainen kantaa lastaan

Finn Church Aid (FCA) has granted 100,000 euros from its disaster fund to support the victims of Saturday’s devastating earthquake in Haiti.

The 7.2 earthquake magnitude quake brought widespread destruction to the country’s southern parts, razing buildings and cutting transport connections. Thousands are reported dead, injured or missing.

According to current estimates, the earthquake has affected 60 per cent of the country’s population while the country is bracing for the impact of the tropical storm Grace that is estimated to reach Haiti on Monday or Tuesday.

FCA delivers emergency assistance in cooperation with Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) and other ACT Alliance members currently working in Haiti. The relief efforts required include basic necessities, such as food, hygiene kits, blankets and shelter.

More information:
Eija Alajarva, Head of Humanitarian Assistance, p. +358 40 582 1183, eija.alajarva(at)
Jan De Waegemaeker, Humanitarian Manager, p.+358 50 574 0481,